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Is there any use for the beta Bloodstones

As of now, no, there is use for any of the Bloodstones. They’re merely there to show off to people that you were a part of the beta and how generous you were with your beta invites. As for whether or not there will be a use for them, we obviously have no idea, but I would guess that there isn’t going to be.

Although useless so far, they do make a good choice for the «featured items» showcase in your profile, since it at least has a chance of being seen there.

You would’ve gotten Bloodstone of the Ancestor if you only participated and did not send out any gifts/invites, the Bloodstone of the Precursor if you sent out 1 or more and if you had sent out more than 10 you would’ve received Bloodstone of the Founder

They only display the amount of invites you sent out. As Ullallulloo said there will most likely be no use for them.

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