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Legion TD for Warcraft 3 – Free Map Downloadif(typeof __ez_fad_position! undefined ) __ez_fad_position( div-gpt-ad-gaming_tools_com-box-3-0 )

Before each round you get time to build and upgrade your towers. When the round starts, the towers become units and fight for you.

This is version Legion TD Mega 3.5 (B4).

Download Warcraft 3 Legion TD:
Download Downloads: 203,908 Download-Size: 4.3 MB

Harvest lumber with the workers and use it to summon your army to attack the enemy team. Investing lumber increases your income and you can use Lumber to boost your Kings stats. Always care for your King in time or he will die fast!

Legion TD is still played by many players.

The different builder units provide different towers and tactics for mastering this game! It’s a challenging map and quite fun.

Download Legion TD Mega 3.5 and Try it out!
Here you can find alle Legion TD game modes:

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