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How to Check Your Net Worth in Game in Dota 2

How to Check Your Net Worth in Game in Dota 2

Dota 2 is a very complex and exciting game. Experienced gamers mostly enjoy Dota’s complex mechanics, but they can be frustrating to the newer players.

Net worth is one of those complicated things. It’s the total gold value of your hero, including the gold you have on you, the gold value of the items in your inventory, and the items you have left with the courier.

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We’ll cover it in more detail, alongside all the ways you can check your net worth in Dota, so stick around.

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It’s a lot of math. Dota 2 — Dota Plus | Valve

The last few gameplay patches of Dota 2 have gone, quite frankly, all over the place. From creep changes to subtle-but-important sweeps over hero talents, each of the bi-weekly patches have brought something new to the table.

Now, however, the balance team (read: probably Icefrog) is serving up a new specialty: gold mechanic changes. Specifically, we’re seeing massive changes to how buyback and “kill gold” work. Buyback especially is seeing some alterations that may drastically change how late-game buybacks work.

They’ve also done some streamlining to how the “gold for kills” are calculated, as they’ve taken away some of the “total team net worth” numbers that went into the comeback gold formulas and scaled down how much a low-value hero kill is.

These two types of changes may end up evening out in the end. Supports or low-value heroes buying back to cinch certain kills means that a real comeback can happen in a flash — making for a more intense late game.

Let’s jump right into it! For this patch, we’ve included the notes, word-for-word (with some formatting changes) followed by a breakdown of what the changes mean.


  • Buyback cost changed from:
    100 + ( Level * Level * 1.5) + (Time * 0.25)
    100 + Networth / 13
  • Buyback no longer reduces gold earned after respawning

Buyback changes have been relatively minor compared to this in the past. In fact, in the entirety of Dota 2’s existence, the changes have been to timing and “gold earned after respawning.”

The overall formula hasn’t been drastically altered since 6.64, back in DotA: All-Stars in 2009. That means we’ve had this for eight and a half years. We’re not quite sure what’s prompted it, but maybe something that’s been set in stone for so long needed to be tweaked — especially since idle gold earned was bumped up in the meantime, among other things.

To be fair, the buyback formula has made for some disgustingly high buyback costs at times. You’d need entire mid-game items’ worth in order to get back into the fray. Now, this may ease the pain a little bit for supports or anyone else suffering from a bad late game who sees an opportunity to clean opponents out of their base.

The other massive change here is the lack of gold reduction after respawn. This wipes the 60% reduction that used to occur once you bought back. There is some major comeback potential written into the very core of this change. All-in-all, buyback is going to be, literally, a game-changer from this patch out.

Gold for kills

  • AoE gold for the losing team no longer scales with the overall team networth difference, just the individual networth of the dying hero.
    Previously, a core on your team doing really well meant that a support on your team dying gave an increasing amount of gold to the enemy.
  • The comeback component is now just:
    ( DyingHeroNetWorth * 0.026 + 70 ) / # of killers
  • This takes the place of the components below that considers Networth.
    For example in the 1 killer case, it replaces (NetWorthEarlyFactor * 90 + NetWorthFactor * 0.03375).
    Like the previous formula, it is only given to the losing team.
  • The gold multiplier based on the dying hero’s net worth rank changed from:
    1.2/1.1/1.0/0.9/0.8 to 1.2/1.05/0.9/0.75/0.6

While Valve explained the changes well, it’s worth talking about what this means.

The “comeback” formulas have been changed to focus on the hero getting picked off instead of putting the winning team’s whole worth in. It’s much more streamlined, taking many components including not only the hero’s net worth, but also the team’s net worth and the dying hero’s level.

They’ve also scaled down the formula for low-earning players for all kills.

The long story short is that when a team is winning, and a low-value hero gets picked off, they very likely won’t be handing as much gold as before. What we’re seeing is less reward to a losing-net-worth team for picking off smaller heroes on a winning team. This means supports have a little less to worry about when they’re warding (not that they aren’t going to get picked off anyway), and they have to keep a closer eye on their carries as they try to stay ahead.

Still, just like before, if a carry does get picked off, they have plenty to worry about.

How all of these changes will play out is yet to be seen, especially with two professional events currently taking place: GESC Indonesia and WESG in China.

When you wait for a game

Spectator games in Dota 2 is fun and can be used as a great learning experience. You can watch professional and amateur matches, your replays or replays of your friends’ games. By viewing a replay, you can easily see the net worth of all players:

  1. Launch Dota 2 and start viewing a replay (for example, View> Friend Replays).
  2. Click the viewer drop-down menu in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Select the net worth category.
  4. You will see the net worth of each player in that match in the upper left corner of your screen, which ranges from highest to lowest.

You can also choose any of the other parameters. K / D / A, gold per minute, and XP per minute are usually more important than net worth.

Using Dota Plus

Dota Plus is the official premium subscription tool for Dota 2. It has many useful features, all aimed at improving the user experience. With Dota Plus, you can track your hero’s progress, get a personal assistant, and participate in weekly tournaments for free.

Right now, Dota Plus costs $ 4 a month, but extended subscription plans lower its price. Here’s how to see your net worth during games if you’re a Dota Plus subscriber:

  1. Launch Dota 2.
  2. Start a game.
  3. Thanks to the updated HUD Dota Plus, you can track net worth in real time.

In addition to tracking your stats in real time, with Dota Plus, you’ll also see the average stats of players in your skill group.

The importance of net worth

Although your hero’s net worth is relevant, it’s not the most crucial stat in Dota 2. Yes, it does show all the gold you accumulated in the game, but here are more explanations. Your net worth is the purchase value of all your items, all of your gold bank, and your items with the courier.

However, consumables do not count towards your net worth. The courier service is a consumable (there can only be one courier service per team), as are the healing items and rooms. That said, your initial gold will also count towards your net worth.

His net worth is reduced when he uses consumables and when he dies. Taking all of that into account, you can conclude that support players have a lower net worth than other players. If a game goes well, carries should have the most gold at the end of a game.

Therefore, gold and XP per minute are more reliable statistics when determining a player’s impact in the match. K / D / A is also not the most reliable statistic, especially for supports.

Esports net worth $3 billion by 2022

A Goldman Sachs report from late 2018 estimated the esports market would reach a total value of $3 billion by 2022. It pointed to Fortnite’s first-year prize pool of $1 million and streamer Ninja’s $1 million valuations, as well as the $90 million deal Activision Blizzard signed with Twitch for Overwatch.

In the time since this report, these two specific games have both blown these deals away. Epic Games’ Fortnite plans have made a $1 million prize pool look modest. The Fortnite World Cup they held had a total prize pool of £30 million across the event. This included an individual prize for the Fortnite Solo’s winner, Kyle “Bugha” Geirsdorf. He walked away from the Fortnite World Cup with $3 million in prize money, while just 16 years old.

The other game mentioned in this report was Overwatch, which has also exceeded their past heights for deals. While they previously signed a $90 million deal with Twitch, they would eventually move over to YouTube. Exclusivity with YouTube came at the price of $160 million.

© Mike Stobe | Getty Images

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Ivan was born in Kharkov, Ukraine on 20 April 1989. He has always been fond of computer games, particularly Counter-Strike. Dota was the start of Ivan’s esports career. Ivan has played for teams such as DTS, Natus Vincere, and Darer.

Artstyle began his Dota 2 career on Natus Vincere. In the summer of 2011 they competed in The International 2011. NaVi went undefeated until the grand finals and defeated EHOME 3-1 winning the $1,000,000 prize for first place. Artstyle left the team in the following weeks, [when?] and joined Darer. [1]

Darer attended The International 2012 where they placed equal last in the group stage. A few days later, on September 12, 2012, Darer changed its entire roster, because of logistical and language issues, which left Artstyle without a team. [2]

By September 19, 2012, Artstyle created an all Ukrainian squad Team Kharkiv to compete in Star Ladder Star Series Season 3 and ESWC Ukraine. [3] After a brief period playing without a sponsor, Artstyle and his teammates joined Eclypsia on October 4th. [4]

In November 2012, Eclypsia dissolved and there were rumours of Artstyle retiring from professional Dota. [5]

On April 5th, 2015, Artstyle rejoined Na’Vi along with Funn1k, who had left the squad just a few months prior. [6]

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Big names and big money

Speaking about all these star players begs the question – how much do they earn? Well, Dota 2 is a multi-million pound esport, as we’ve stated, and some players became millionaires in the span of a year – or even overnight if they win The International. On top of this, looking at the top 30 esports players in terms of earnings, 29 are playing Dota 2!

The biggest earnings in the game belong to Johan “N0tail” Sundstein playing for the team OG. He has pocketed a whopping $6.98 million through his Dota 2 career. At number 30 in the list is Chu “Shadow” Zeyu with $1.9 million. At the same time Shadow is not currently on a team roster.

Speaking about teams, the top teams (in all games, not just Dota 2) by prize winnings are:

1. Team Liquid – $37.6 million

2. OG – $34.6 million

3. Evil Geniuses – $24.6 million

4. Fnatic – $16.3 million

5. Virtus.pro – $16.1 million

Though most of these teams have tournaments outside of the Dota 2 scene, a lot of these winnings comes from Dota 2 due to the enormous prize pools at The International. The overall earnings are big enough to attract the attention of mainstream media and some of the biggest sports betting companies in the world.

2) Following “Bad” Teammates Advice

This is quite common in the lower-ranked games. People in these brackets play on auto-pilot, without a game plan. They usually are not thinking of their next items, objectives, and moves. After the laning stage, players tend to move randomly around the map, reacting mostly to what is going on.

In simple words, they do not pre-act

What usually happens to a game is that a player mindlessly goes prematurely to force an objective, baiting his team to join him. This usually ends up in a wipe whereas in some cases it’s just a support death.

What is the solution? If you are the type of player that is good at decision making and understands that your team is about to make a mistake you need to actively give the call to your team to stop that action and suggest something else.

A game plan in the middle game should look like this:

  • You control the enemy jungle around their outpost area with wards
  • You wait until Roshan spawns
  • You take Roshan
  • Your next objective is the T2 on the offlane
  • You take outpost and you consider forcing high ground

How to Check Net Worth in Dota 2

Currently, there are three ways you can check the net worth of your hero in Dota 2. The most basic method, which existed since the original Dota, is to check your net worth after the game in the post-game screen. Here is how you can do it:

  1. After you’ve played a game of Dota 2, you will see a post-game screen.
  2. Your post-game screen might look like this. Here you can see the net worth of all the players in the game. It’s the number below a player’s rank and above their K/D/A.
  3. Let’s take Faceless Void from this picture as an example (Radiant side). His total net worth is 19,841.

“Равные” шансы

Наверняка многие заметили, что в последних патчах Icefrog все больше и больше меняет роль саппортов. В особенности, пятой позиции, за счет уменьшения стоимости вардов и других изменений геймплея. Этим он позволял игрокам-саппортам чувствовать себя более влиятельными на ход игры, благодаря покупкам небольших, но так сильно необходимых артефактов.

С новым обновлением саппорты и вовсе вздохнули полной грудью. Варды – бесплатные, керри больше не сможет своровать найденный вами вард и, конечно же. много артефактов.

Благодаря тому, что теперь у всех есть все мы получим более интересные драки с большей отдачей именно со стороны саппортов. В 7.23 герои вспомогательных ролей уже не должны так сильно заморачиваться о своей позиционке в драке, о деньгах, об опыте. Зачем, если все и так рано или поздно придет на блюдечке?

Каждый может быть керри. Но лишь некоторые саппортить.

А ведь в этом и был весь шарм игры на саппортах, когда ты не имея и 5 тысяч net worth’а за плечами, решал ход матча. Теперь же Дота пришла к красоте внешней, но абсолютному обезличиванию по сути.

В заключение скажем, что патч вышел масштабным, красочным и сырым – все в духе Valve. Теперь сообщество ожидает волна патчей с буквами “a”, “b” и дальше по списку. Но вот вопрос, почему не сделать нормально сразу? Почему не проработать все до мелочей и представить завершенный продукт пользователю? Ответ может дать только Габен. Именно поэтому игроки просто буду сидеть в ожидании тех самых новых обновлений, надеясь на избавление от багов, фиксы абузов и исправление имбалансных моментов. Вот только, на лавочке из года в год все меньше сидит людей, вам не кажется?

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